Friday, June 11, 2010

Are You a Browncoat?


Or more specifically, what kind of Browncoat are you? If you’ve seen either the show Firefly or the film Serenity you know what I’m talking about. If not, rent or buy them tonight…honestly it’s a great way to spend your Friday evening. Take the quiz below and see what type of Browncoat personality you have. Enjoy your weekends everyone…and keep flying!

Browncoat Quiz

  1. You find yourself in a bar, playing pool, when suddenly a rough looking customer with big fists and a switchblade accuses you of hustling. You reply…
    1. Jeepers, mister…I’m sorry. – You retreat meekly.
    2. Zoe, help! – A tall Amazon woman with a Winchester appears beside you.
    3. Gorram yokel. – You pull out a barstool, deck the customer, and resume your game of pool. 

  1. A Companion Courtesan appears in your doorway, dressed in a revealing silken gown, asking you for directions. You answer…
    1. Are you lost my child? – You pull out your bible.
    2. I swallowed a bug… – You smile and do a handstand. 
    3. I’ll be in my bunk. – You retreat to the bedroom.

  1. Given a choice from the junkyard, you pick out your ideal ride. You decide…
    1. Risk my ship? You select a hovercraft called a “mule.”  
    2. I do legitimate business. – You buy a shuttlecraft.
    3. I am a leaf on the wind, watch how I soar. – You pick a Firefly.

  1. Serenity to you means…
    1. Peace. – Where even a fugitive of the law can be safe and free.
    2. Love…Little Albatross. – You read a poem, try not to faint.   

… - The primary buffer panel goes out.