Monday, October 25, 2010

The Fall Classic!


It finally happened. The Giants are going to the World Series, a.k.a. “the Fall Classic!” I had a nail-biting time watching the game with my wife, folks, and friends Saturday night, but now I’m looking forward to wearing my orange and black not just for Halloween, but for the Giants as well.

I love seeing how events like this can transform a community. The morning after the big game, I saw everyone at the store and coffee shop sporting their Giants swag, buying copies of the Chronicle with the teams’ pictures all over it, and all the fans (formerly strangers) conversing together with smiles and enthusiasm. Names like Huff, Posey, Ross, Burrell, Lincecum, Cain, Uribe, and Wilson on everyone’s tongue.

We faceoff against the Texas Rangers in the upcoming series and will be counting the minutes as the Giants attempt to win their first World Series since coming to San Francisco back in 1958. Not only have I never seen the Giants win a World Series in my lifetime, my father hasn’t seen it in his lifetime either. I’m still reading and writing like crazy, but with history in the making right on my doorstep it’ll be hard to think on much else for the next couple weeks.