Thursday, April 11, 2013

Fictional Languages You Wish You Could Speak

Ever wish you could speak Sindarin with the elves of Middle Earth? Or perhaps converse in Klingon aboard the starship Enterprise? Or maybe for once you would actually like to know what Chewbacca is really saying to Han Solo?

Literature and movies are replete with fictional languages, but some authors take it a step further by actually developing full-fledged lexicons and grammar for their make-believe cultures. It’s all part of world building, but when life imitates art, fans start learning these fictional tongues and make them a part of the real word. For instance, the bible has been translated into Klingon (no joke), and some Lord of the Rings forums are conducted in Elvish.

So what make-believe language would you like to learn to speak? Perhaps you already know one? Maybe the Dothraki of A Game of Thrones or Huttese of Star Wars or even Quenya from the Simarillion