Monday, September 16, 2013

Garden Harvest

Working the garden every year gives me renewed respect for farmers. It’s hard, dirty, sweaty work, but at the same time oh so fulfilling when you see your plants mature and thrive. Not everything lives of course, but the crops that do come in make it that much more worthwhile.

I’ve pulled over 20 pumpkins out of the yard this year, a couple bag’s worth of string beans, and the tomatoes are coming in really well right now (and tasty too). Of course gofers took way more of my lettuce that I would have wished this year and the crows find my corn just as tasty as I do apparently. But my grapevines and sunflowers did extra well to make up for it, so I consider it a pretty decent harvest.

So how do you reconnect with nature this time of year? It’s Indian Summer and turning into Fall for us (which is our best time of year), but what’s the weather like where you are? How are you enjoying the harvest season?