Monday, October 28, 2013

Editing My Book

Good editing is what transforms an intriguing idea in a first draft into a great story in subsequent revisions. Great editing will improve a novel even further. Today, I’d like to give some praise and good karma kudos to my latest editor, Angella Graff!

In addition to great feedback from my awesome CPs, I’ve recently had my manuscript of Fort Defiance edited by the talented Angella Graff, and it was certainly a worthwhile experience. I learn something new every time my work is edited, and I’d say the top two lessons learned for me this time around were: 1. Placing commas in forgotten instances, and, 2. Teasing out elements of the narrative that best belonged in dialog. All in all, Angella helped make my book a whole lot better, and for that I’m very grateful.

To learn more about Angella’s wonderful editing services, or to read some of her own books, checkout her blog and FB accounts for more info. So what stage has your latest draft reached? How do you handle the intricate web of edits and rewrites?