Monday, July 19, 2010

Bono is Back!


Super awesome good new folks, despite Bono’s previous back injury, U2 is back on tour with rescheduled events coming up next year. I’m definitely stoked! I know that rock bands may not seem directly related to writing, but in my world songwriting certainly counts just as much as poetry and novels.

After hurting his back, Bono was barely able to finish up that leg of the European tour. Needless to say, after undergoing surgery, U2 had to postpone their entire American tour. Thankfully, it’s back on, although not for almost a full year. It will be strange to show up to an event in 2011 with a ticket from 2009. Oh, well, better late than never I suppose.

On an interesting side note, Bono himself has always professed his interest in writing, i.e. books. An avid reader and a dedicated songwriter, he has often said that if he ever stopped playing music professionally he’d seriously consider writing books. A few memoirs and biographies, of course, have come out, but he said that he’d like to explore other facets of writing if he had the time. See, even rock stars can’t do everything! But U2 has come a long way from their humble beginnings in Dublin. And I know that many artists, both in fiction and otherwise, continue to draw inspiration from this unrivaled band just as I do. So put on a few U2 albums and listen to some tunes to get you through your Monday. Rock on.