Tuesday, December 3, 2013

NaNo Results (IWSG)

I’m doubling up on my IWSG post because it’s related to my NaNo results from last month. Needless to say, November turned out to be even busier than I planned, but I kept writing all the same. So, here are the results…

The good news is I managed to write at least a thousand words a day as per usual. The not so great news, this only put me halfway toward my goal of 50,000 words for the month. So, I’m not exactly thrilled, but not exactly disappointed either. Just kind of in the middle.

So, how did your NaNo WriMo go? Reach any points of brilliance last month or just happy to get through it? Are you ready to keep trucking now that we’re entering the Christmas season or do you plan to take a writing break?