Friday, May 30, 2014

Short Story Published Today!!!

Today, Every Day Fiction published my short story “Meet Me at the Waterfront.” Check it out, and let me know what you think! If so inclined, please leave a comment or a few stars on the page to let people know you like my story.

For some reason, things seem to be going my way, and Every Day Fiction plans to publish another of my short stories, “Chronicles of the SFPD,” in the next month of two. But today, I’m just pumped to see one of my stories in print. It’s flash fiction (under a thousand words), so enjoy it over a cup of coffee or on your way to work.

How’s your Friday shaping up? I hope you enjoy reading “Meet Me at the Waterfront!”

Friday, May 23, 2014

Another Short Story Getting Published!!!

I guess lightning does strike twice. A few weeks ago, I blogged about my upcoming short story “Meet Me at the Waterfront,” which comes out on May 30th with Every Day Fiction. But I also just learned that another of my short stories, “Chronicles of the SFPD,” is slated to be published this coming June or July!

Both stories will be published by Every Day Fiction, who has now made my day twice this month. Both stories are also flash fiction pieces (under a thousand words), but are otherwise pretty different in tone and content. So check them both out this month and next!

How do you like to celebrate when things are going your way? What types of short-fiction do you like to read? Hope to see you online at Every Day Fiction come May 30th, thanks!  

Monday, May 19, 2014

Back from Paradise

I just got back from two weeks of paradise in Maui! I’ve been on a writing hiatus as my family and I enjoyed a much needed vacation in Hawaii. I prefer to disconnect completely from phones, email, etc. when I’m on vacation, hence the lack of any blog posts for the past couple weeks.

Needless to say, traveling with a one-year-old was an experience, but ultimately a good one. Especially, since I had the help of a patient wife, wonderful in-laws, and a baby who seems naturally adapted to travelling. I’ve tried to bring back as much of the relaxed island vibe as possible as I return to work and home this week.

So, how do you relax when on vacation? I humbly suggest frequent trips to the beach, a daily swim, and an occasional bottle of rum.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Short-Story Getting Published!!!

I’m happy to announce that Every Day Fiction has selected one of my short-stories for publication in their online magazine! Needless to say, I’m pumped. Every Day Fiction specializes in flash fiction (stories under 1,000 words), and can deliver a new story to your inbox every day.   

My short-story “Meet Me at the Waterfront” is slated to appear sometime in May or June. Every Day Fiction has a large online following and has been highly rated by Writer’s Digest, the Wall Street Journal, and other print/online media. They even pay their writers for their stories, albeit it’s more of a token amount, but still very much appreciated. It takes about three months for them to get back to you once you send them a submission, but they provide really great feedback and have a conscientious team of editors.

I have to give a big “thank you” to my fellow author, Milo Fowler, for first suggesting I submit my work to Every Day Fiction. Thanks, Milo!