Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Kicking off my DARK WINDS RISING Book Tour!

Dark Winds Rising has been out for just three weeks in the U.S. and the response has been soooooo awesome! My novel will be available internationally next month as well (via Macmillan and St. Martin’s Press). I also really enjoyed speaking at the Burlingame Library this month, courtesy of Books, Inc., where many friends both old and new showed up to have me sign copies of both Between Two Fires and Dark Winds Rising.  A huge thank you to everyone who came to listen to me talk and sign books for my initial book tour kickoff events!

Next month I’ll be speaking in Sacramento, CA. I’ve also been invited back again to speak at the 2018 San Francisco Writer’s Conference and the prestigious Authors on the Move fundraiser event, just to name a few. For my next tour dates, checkout my appearancespage for more info. Hopefully, I’ll get to see a few more of you in person in the months to come!

I hope that you’re having a wonderful holiday season and I wish you all the best in the New Year! Thanks again for helping make the release of Dark Winds Rising such a resounding success!

The Queen Branwen Series continues....

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Today’s the Day! DARK WINDS RISING is Released!

My sequel in the Queen Branwen Series comes out today, Dark Winds Rising is available wherever books are sold! It’s my second novel published with St. Martin’s Press and I’m super pumped to see it in print and get to share it with everyone. Checkout Dark Winds Rising here!

It’s been a long journey, and I’d definitely like to thank my publisher, my agent, my awesome CPs, my friends, and family, and all of you! I’m kicking off my in-person book tour this weekend, and I’ve also got some super awesome bloggers posting about my book, such as Rachna, Elizabeth, Laine, and others! You can check out my growing schedule here.

I hope that you enjoy reading Dark Winds Rising as much as I enjoyed writing it! Grab a copy today, thanks!

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Dark Winds Rising Comes Out December 5th!

My sequel to the Queen Branwen Series, Dark Winds Rising, comes out with St. Martin’s Press next month! Although you can preorder it now, my novel will be available on December 5th. In addition, I’m kicking off my book tour on December 10th!

I’m super excited be to sharing the next installment in Branwen’s journey. Below is a brief blurb about my new novel. And for those of you in California, I hope to see you on my tour, thanks!

Queen Branwen finds her world once again turned upside down as Pictish raiders harry the shores of her kingdom. Rallying her people once more, she must face her most dangerous foe yet, the Queen of the Picts. Ruthless and cunning, the Pictish Queen turns the Welsh against each other in a bloody civil war, and Branwen must attempt to stop her before her country threatens to tear itself apart. All the while Branwen is heavy with child, and finds her young son’s footsteps dogged by a mysterious assassin. Branwen must somehow defeat the Picts and save her people before the Pictish Queen and a mysterious assassin threaten to destroy their lives from the inside out.

Tuesday, October 24, 2017


Today I'd like to share some info on the release of a new book by friend and fellow blogger Elizabeth Varadan! Elizabeth's new picture book, Dragonella, for ages 7 and under, has just been released in paperback and e-book formats via Belanger Books. Below is a brief blurb about the book.

Dragonella is the only dragon at her new school. Other students - trolls, griffins and ogres - are frightened when she breathes fire. The teacher isn't happy when Dragonella's laughter melts the filing cabinet. But when Dragonella's flames save the day during the class party on Legend Day, the teacher and other students learn they shouldn't be quick to judge someone who is different.

You can learn more at these following links:

Amazon, paperback and ebook: 
Elizabeth's Blogs
Twitter and FB

Links to Elizabeth's MG mystery:  Imogene and the Case of the Missing Pearls

Hope you enjoy it! :)

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Guest Post from Nick Wilford, Speculative Author

Take it away Nick...

Hi Mark! Thanks for offering to help out with my blog tour today. I’d like to share an excerpt with your readers, which shows the moment when my protagonist Wellesbury joins forces with his “partner in crime”, Ezmerelda.
Wellesbury found it hard to concentrate at school that day. It all felt more and more pointless; he knew everything and would get top marks anyway. He found himself examining every surface, looking for any sign of imperfection. There was none. What was life like in his new friend’s world? Children dropping dead left, right and centre. He couldn’t even begin to imagine what it was like, and in their first chat they had barely scratched the surface.
     At lunchtime he avoided the company of the guys – he couldn’t be bothered to deal with Hedgeson, and didn’t want the subject of Salvo’s eyewitness account of the outsider to come up again, in case he let something slip – so he went to the library. Although a flawless outcome in examinations was guaranteed, such extra study was logged and went on his school record. That was the sort of thing that would really help him land a job just that bit better than his peers.
     Wellesbury sat down at a computer terminal and accessed the infraweb. His fingers hesitated above the keys for a few moments. All computer activity was recorded and undeletable. They would know he had been looking up strange words. Whatever “they” meant – the school? The government? How would he be able to explain such activity if questioned?
     Well, it was a life-or-death situation. He had to start somewhere. He performed a search for “dizeese”. Nothing came up. Then – what were the people called that Mallinger thought could help him? “Docters.” Nothing.
     He had no clue where to begin to help his friend. At a loss, he slumped back and rubbed a hand over his face.
     “You look worried,” said a sweet-sounding voice.
     Wellesbury sat up with a jolt and looked around. There was Ezmerelda, a few desks away, sitting hunched over her studies. He’d been so consumed with his own thoughts that he hadn’t noticed her upon entering. That was a good indication of how preoccupied he was, as she stood out from the rest of the crowd as different somehow. He liked her – she was a bit of a loner as he could sometimes be, and those emerald eyes dazzled him every time.
     She glanced up from her own terminal and gave him a smile that, though small, ignited something in his soul. He smiled back, and waved awkwardly.
     “Want to tell me what’s up?” she asked.
     Wellesbury opened and shut his mouth a couple of times. It was unthinkable to tell someone in the class where he’d been, and he didn’t want any further ridicule, especially from someone he admired.
     Her face creased up in apparent amusement at his floundering, and she said, “Okay, I’ll put you out of your misery. I know where you were this morning.”
     “What?” He looked around quickly to ensure they were alone, then scooted over to sit in the chair next to her. “How...?”
     “Oh, yes. I hear things, you see. I’d already heard about the visitor, of course... that’s pretty common knowledge now. Then I heard my dad talking about you before school. I think you did something really great, Wellesbury.”
     Leaving aside the wave of wellbeing that enveloped him upon hearing these last words, Wellesbury said, “Your dad?”
     “He works for the government. It’s all hush-hush, of course, but he doesn’t keep it a secret from his own family. He doesn’t talk about anything with me, because I’m just a kid –” she rolled her eyes – “but I overhear him and Mum talking plenty. Mostly him ranting and raving. You weren’t painted in a favourable light, I’m afraid to say.”
     “You probably shouldn’t be telling me this,” said Wellesbury in a lower voice, looking in the opposite direction furtively. He remembered the conversation with the warder. “They could be recording this.” Hang on, why hadn’t he thought of that before he went to talk to Mallinger?
     “Oh no, there’s no bugs in here,” she said. “Maybe in the future, more places will have them... but at the moment, the conversations of children aren’t considered important enough to warrant the cost of listening to.”

Title: Black & White
Author: Nick Wilford
Genre: YA dystopian Series #: 1 of 3
Release date: 18th September 2017
Publisher: Superstar Peanut Publishing
What is the price paid for the creation of a perfect society?

In Whitopolis, a gleamingly white city of the future where illness has been eradicated, shock waves run through the populace when a bedraggled, dirt-stricken boy materialises in the main street. Led by government propaganda, most citizens shun him as a demon, except for Wellesbury Noon – a high school student the same age as the boy.

Upon befriending the boy, Wellesbury feels a connection that he can’t explain – as well as discovering that his new friend comes from a land that is stricken by disease and only has two weeks to live. Why do he and a girl named Ezmerelda Dontible appear to be the only ones who want to help?

As they dig deeper, everything they know is turned on its head – and a race to save one boy becomes a struggle to redeem humanity.

Purchase Links:
Meet the author:
Nick Wilford is a writer and stay-at-home dad. Once a journalist, he now makes use of those early morning times when the house is quiet to explore the realms of fiction, with a little freelance editing and formatting thrown in. When not working he can usually be found spending time with his family or cleaning something. He has four short stories published in Writer’s Muse magazine. Nick is also the editor of Overcoming Adversity: An Anthology for Andrew. Visit him at his blog or connect with him on Twitter, GoodreadsFacebook, or Amazon.
Enter the giveaway for a chance to win a copy of my collection A Change of Mind and Other Stories or a $10 giftcard! a Rafflecopter giveaway

Friday, August 25, 2017

Revamped Website

In preparation for my upcoming release of Dark Winds Rising this December, I’ve recently revamped my website. Now both of my books will be available: pre-orders for Dark Winds Rising and Between Two Fires purchases wherever books are sold.

Apologies for being MIA online for a while. My family and I took a much needed vacation. Needless to say, we had a great time, although the kids certainly kept us on our toes. That’s why we made sure to bring the grandparents along too!

But I’m getting off topic already. Checkout my new website changes, including a new look and updated links. Thanks so much!

P.S. My youngest refuses to smile for pictures at the moment. ;)

Monday, July 24, 2017

Star Trek: Discovery

I’m a Trekkie fan, amongst many other obsessions of mine, and I’m thrilled to hear that Star Trek is finally returning to television with Star Trek: Discovery. The new show is still somewhat shrouded in mystery, but it comes out this September, and I’ll definitely be eagerly looking forward to it. I grew up watching everything from NextGen to DS9 to Enterprise, so now that I can finally watch a completely new series I’m pretty pumped!

As for the plot itself, the Star Trek franchise is playing it pretty close to the chest so far. It’ll be the first series that doesn’t focus on a captain as the main character, and it’ll feature various new species and plotlines previously unrevealed in the greater Star Trek universe. It also includes a star-studded cast with parts being played by famous actors, such as Michelle Yeoh, Sonequah Martin-Green, and Jason Issacs, just to name a few.

But don’t take my word for it. Check out the trailer and the rumors about it online. No matter what, it ought to be another fantastic journey where no one has gone before

Thursday, July 13, 2017

At the Sac State Fair This Weekend!

I’ll be at the Sacramento State Fair this weekend signing copies of Between Two Fires! If you’re in Northern California, stop on by. Even if not to see me, the corn dogs and rides are fun too;)

It’s my first year doing a book signing at a state fair, although I’ve enjoyed attending the fair for years. It’ll be interesting to see how it goes, and there should also be other authors there as well. The best part is, I’ll be in an AC building, no joke in 100+ degree weather.

I’ll also plan to be there the following Saturday as well. It should be lots of fun! Hope to see some of you there!

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Kids in the Garden

We had a great 4th of July this year, and have the garden going too. What with the drought being long over in California, it’s nice to be growing tomatoes, pumpkins, and other goodies this year in the yard. I really enjoy the nice summer weather and the promise of fresh produce as the months go by.

Of course, I’m finding that kids in the garden is a delightful, if somewhat mixed blessing. They love to help out in the dirt, but sometimes they’re as much a hazard to the plants as they are to themselves. But then again, it’s all part of the fun and chaos, I suppose.

We lit fireworks in the street afterward with some friends in the neighborhood. The kids really enjoyed it. Can you guess at what point some of the fireworks went off when I wasn’t expecting it?  :)

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

ARC Giveaway of Dark Winds Rising!

I just got some lovely ARCs for my upcoming novel, Dark Winds Rising, via St. Martin’s Press. My second published novel, it comes out December 5th this year, but you don’t have to wait that long. 
I’m running a giveaway this week amongst everyone on my mailing list.

Simply go here to enter by joining my mailing list and get a chance to win an early copy.

I’m super pumped to be sharing Dark Winds Rising as the sequel to Between Two Fires. Amazon already has my budding series listed online as the Queen Branwen Series. Below is a brief blurb about it. Enjoy!

Dark Winds Rising

Queen Branwen finds her world once again turned upside down as Pictish raiders harry the shores of her kingdom. Rallying her people once more, she must face her most dangerous foe yet, the Queen of the Picts. Ruthless and cunning, the Pictish Queen turns the Welsh against each other in a bloody civil war, and Branwen must attempt to stop her before her country threatens to tear itself apart. All the while Branwen is heavy with child, and finds her young son’s footsteps dogged by a mysterious assassin. Branwen must somehow defeat the Picts and save her people before the Pictish Queen and a mysterious assassin threaten to destroy their lives from the inside out.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Hooked on Endeavour

Lately, my wife and I have really gotten into a new TV murder mystery series, Endeavour. Set in 1960s Oxford, England, it follows a young Inspector Morse and his boss Thursday through some pretty awesome mysteries. Not only is the acting good and the sets realistic, but the show’s writing is pretty phenomenal too.

They basically took the idea of the old Inspector Morse series, and gave it a serious revamp with this retro 60s prequel crime thriller. Shaun Evans and Roger Allam are spectacular in this series, and many of the secondary characters are incredibly intriguing as well. If you simply enjoy a well-told mystery, plus some 1960s Britain thrown into the mix, then this is the show for you.

They just came out with the 4th season, which I’m catching up on now. I hope they make a ton more of these because the people who put this series together really know how to make a compelling mystery along with some characters that you can’t help but care about. So check it out, especially you mystery buffs and writers, I promise you’ll enjoy it! 

Friday, June 16, 2017

Call for Beta Readers

I’ve got a newly completed manuscript I’m pretty pumped about and looking for some discerning eyes to give it a read. I’ve got some of my awesome reviewers already reading it, but I wanted to ping my fellow bloggers/writers to see if any of you were interested in reading some or all of my newest MS. What’s it about?

I’ve stuck to historical fiction, but in this case it’s a murder mystery set in London during the Blitz. Below is a blurb on it. If interested, please email me at Thanks a million!

Murder Under the Blitz

1940. London. Jane and Clive come from different worlds. She’s a proper young secretary and he’s a devil-may-care adventurer, but when their boss in British Intelligence dies under mysterious circumstances they team up to track down the murderer. Their investigation quickly turns dangerous when they discover that the unknown murderer is a Nazi spy preparing the way for an Axis invasion of Britain. Time runs short as Jane and Clive struggle to solve the case before the bombs of the Blitz and the mysterious spy threaten to destroy them both.

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Summer Reading

Summer’s almost here and I’m working on my summer reading list. I generally like to reread some of my favorite novels over the summer, in addition to new works. I’ve already started on a few.

Old Favorites I’m Rereading

- Edgar Allen Poe – short stories like The Gold Bug and The Purloined Letter.

- Hawaiian Mythology – I have a collection of these legends I intend to reread again.

- Alexandre Dumas – The Three Musketeers, because I’ll always love Dumas’ work.

New Favorites I’m Reading

- Agatha Christie – Poirot mysteries, such as Dumb Witness and
Appointment with Death.

- Dashiell Hammett – his noir mysteries, pretty much any of the few I haven’t read yet.

- Maybe some more Lawrence Block, specially his Scudder mysteries (if I haven’t read them all).

Yeah, I guess I’m on a bit of a detective noir kick at the moment, but hey, even a “dark” summer can be a fun one.

How about you? What types of books are you looking forward to perusing this summer?

Friday, May 26, 2017

Saw U2 in Concert!

My wife and I saw U2 in concert last week and they rocked! Mumford and Sons opened for them and they were pretty good too. It’s the first time we’ve been to a rock concert since having kids, so it was cool and surreal to be out without the little ones.

It’s been thirty years since U2 came out with the Joshua Tree Album, so they played the entire album live, which was pretty awesome. They also had lots of other great songs they performed as well, and delivered an uplifting experience. Aside from being awesome musicians, I continue to appreciate U2’s honesty, integrity, and efforts for positive change in our world.

I keep trying to get back on the blogging bandwagon like I used to, but what with work, kids, and writing sequels for my publisher, I find that blogging keeps getting pushed to the back seat. I hope of course to remedy my absence online shortly. Everybody looking forward to summertime?   

Friday, April 7, 2017

Speaking at the California State Fair This Summer

I’ve been invited to speak and show off my novel at the California State Fair this summer in Sacramento! I’ve always enjoyed attending the state fair in July when hundreds of thousands of people flock to the state grounds in the heat to try out rides and eat cotton candy. But I also really enjoy the air-conditioned halls where they feature artists and authors along with their books for sale.

Even though it’s about three months out, I’m excited to get to share my novel at this venue where attendance literally peaks at tens of thousands of visitors per day. I can’t wait to talk about Between Two Fires with so many people over several days. It ought to be fun!

Apologies for having been off the radar for a few weeks. I had some final edits to take care of for my sequel coming out in December (Dark Winds Rising). I’ve also got a third book for a different series I was polishing up, as my agent is pretty excited to start showing it to the publisher. All good stuff in the works. 

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Cover Reveal for Kristin Smith!


Clean Teen Publishing is pleased to share the cover reveal for the second book in the thrilling DECEPTION GAME series by Kristin Smith. FORGOTTEN is scheduled to release on August 21, 2017. Readers can grab a copy of the first book in this exciting young adult dystopian series at your local Barnes & Noble store, as well as at all online retailers. Check out the new cover for FORGOTTEN and be sure to enter the giveaway!

FORGOTTEN by Kristin Smith

(The Deception Game, #2)
August 21, 2017
Pre-order your copy here

Book Blurb:

The epic tale of Sienna Preston continues in this second installment of the exhilarating Deception Game series.

Seventeen-year-old Sienna is no stranger to heartache and loss. But this time, it's different; someone―or something―has tampered with a loved one's memories, and she's determined to get answers.

The trail leads her to the glittering skyscrapers and modern luxuries of Rubex, the Capital of Pacifica, where she infiltrates the government's Agency for Intelligence and Genetics. But answers are not always easy to come by, especially when her own memories may have been altered. Luckily, Zane Ryder is there to help her put the pieces back together, his devotion and concern muddying the waters between friendship and something more.

When Sienna gets too close to uncovering dark Agency secrets, she's framed for the murder of a prominent government official, sending her on the run. Sienna's heart may be torn about who she loves, but none of that really matters anymore―because the only thing that awaits her now is a death sentence.


CATALYST by Kristin Smith
(The Deception Game, #1)

Too pretty. Too smart. Too perfect.

In a crumbling, futuristic Las Vegas where the wealthy choose the characteristics of their children like ordering off a drive-thru menu, seventeen-year-old Sienna Preston doesn’t fit in. As a normal girl surrounded by genetically modified teenagers, all of her imperfections are on display. But after the death of her father, everything she’s ever known and loved changes in an instant.

With little skills to help provide for her family, Sienna clings to the two things that come easily—lying and stealing. But not all thief-for-hire assignments go as planned. When a covert exchange of a stolen computer chip is intercepted, she becomes entangled with a corrupt government official who uses her thieving past as leverage, her mother as collateral, and the genetically modified poster boy she’s falling for as bait.

In order to rescue her mother, there may only be one option—joining forces with the Fringe, an extremist group, and their young leader who’s too hot to be bad. Problem is, these revolutionaries aren’t what they seem, and the secrets they’re hiding could be more dangerous than Sienna is prepared for. In the end, she must be willing to risk everything to save the one thing that matters most.

CATALYST (The Deception Game #1) Teaser:

Author Bio:
Kristin Smith writes young adult contemporary and science fiction novels. When she’s not writing, you can find her dreaming about the beach, beating her boys at Just Dance, or belting out karaoke (from the comfort of her own home). Kristin currently resides in the middle-of-nowhere North Carolina with her husband and five incredibly loud but extremely cute boys. To read more about her obsession with YA novels or her addiction to chocolate, you can visit her at

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Cover Reveal for Dark Winds Rising!

Dark Winds Rising is the sequel to my debut novel Between Two Fires, and comes out with St. Martin’s Press December 5th 2017! Today is my cover reveal for the next book in my historical fiction series set in medieval Wales. A big thanks to St. Martin’s Press for the great cover art!

Dark Winds Rising (synopsis)
Queen Branwen finds her world once again turned upside down as Pictish raiders harry the shores of her kingdom. Rallying her people once more, she must face her most dangerous foe yet, the Queen of the Picts. Ruthless and cunning, the Pictish Queen turns the Welsh against each other in a bloody civil war, and Branwen must attempt to stop her before her country threatens to tear itself apart. All the while Branwen is heavy with child, and finds her young son’s footsteps dogged by a mysterious assassin. Branwen must somehow defeat the Picts and save her people before the Pictish Queen and a mysterious assassin threaten to destroy their lives from the inside out.

Dark Winds Rising is my second novel in a historical series published by St. Martin’s Press. My debut novel, Between Two Fires, (also published via St. Martin's Press) is available wherever books are sold. Learn more at or connect via my newsletter or blog.

Between Two Fires: Amazon / Barnes & Noble / Macmillan

I’m also hanging out at my fellow blogger’s online “homes” this week as they share my cover, including Kristin Smith, C. Lee McKenzie, Elizabeth Varadan, Elizabeth Seckman, Nick Wilford, Heather Holden, Shannon L., and Cathrina Constantine.  

Come on by and checkout their blogs! A big THANK YOU to all!

Friday, February 24, 2017

Book Tour Going Strong!

I had a great time speaking for the third year in a row at the annual San Francisco Writer’s Conference held at the Mark Hopkin’s Hotel! For the first time, I got to hold up my first published book as a crowd of a few hundred cheered. Definitely a rad experience!

This weekend I’m off to San Luis Obispo, where I’m speaking to students at my old alma mater, Cal Poly. I’ll be chatting with English-majors and hanging out with my former professors (all of whom insist I call them by their first names now). How trippy, cool is that?

Then the following weekend I’ll be in Sacramento speaking at the annual Authors On the Move fundraiser. I’ll be chilling with other traditionally published authors like Cara Black and Hector Tobar. I definitely will need to get my suit out of the closet for this one.

Whew, I guess it’s good to be busy:)  

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Speaking at SFWC Next Week!

Next week I’ll be speaking at the annual San Francisco Writer’s Conference at the Mark Hopkin’s Hotel! This will be my third year in a row speaking at the conference I first went to as an attendee several years ago. The best part is that this time I’ll get to hold up my first published novel for all to see!

I guess it feels a little bit like graduating high school or something for me. I remember when I first attended the SFWC full of ideas and early writings. I learned the ins and outs of seeking publication via agents and publishers. Years later I finally made that dream a reality and now I get to share that same hope with new attendees.

I also plan to launch my cover reveal for my sequel early next month. But I’ll have a forthcoming viewing posted on my newsletter for anyone who wants an early sneak peek!

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Cover Reveal Coming Soon

My publisher just showed me the new cover for my sequel, Dark Winds Rising! I can’t wait to share it with all of you soon! Very soon.

I’ve gotten the last edits in to my publisher, and now they’re just finalizing the release date for later this year. It’s gotten moved around a bit, but that’s all part of the process of working with a major publisher sometimes. Still, St. Martin’s Press is pretty cool, and they’ve done a great job on this latest cover.

If anybody’s interested in sharing the cover reveal on their blog once I set a firm reveal date, just ping me at Thanks!

Hope all is well with all of you!

Get your copy of Between Two Fires today!

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Thursday, January 19, 2017

Finishing Up Rewrites for My Sequel

I’m polishing up the last bit of revisions and edit request from my publisher this week. Needless to say, it’s been both fun, and lots of work. But it all goes into making my next book all that much better.

The sequel to Between Two Fires is entitled Dark Winds Rising, and it comes out September 5th this year! I’m sooo pumped about it and am looking forward to seeing the new cover soon as well. It’s also a new journey into uncharted territory for me as I complete work on my very first sequel to come out with a major publisher. St. Martin’s Press and Thomas Dunne Books have been awesome as always.

How’s your January shaping up? What New Year’s resolutions are you trying to follow through with? What are you writing?

Get your copy of Between Two Fires today! Amazon Barnes & Noble Macmillan
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Friday, January 13, 2017

The Hundredth Queen Cover Reveal!

The Hundredth Queen
Emily R. King
Published by: Skyscape
Publication date: June 1st 2017
Genres: Fantasy, Young Adult
As an orphan ward of the Sisterhood, eighteen-year-old Kalinda is destined for nothing more than a life of seclusion and prayer. Plagued by fevers, she’s an unlikely candidate for even a servant’s position, let alone a courtesan or wife. Her sole dream is to continue living in peace in the Sisterhood’s mountain temple.
But a visit from the tyrant Rajah Tarek disrupts Kalinda’s life. Within hours, she is ripped from the comfort of her home, set on a desert trek, and ordered to fight for her place among the rajah’s ninety-nine wives and numerous courtesans. Her only solace comes in the company of her guard, the stoic but kind Captain Deven Naik.
Faced with the danger of a tournament to the death—and her growing affection for Deven—Kalinda’s only hope for escape lies in an arcane, forbidden power that’s buried within her.
In Emily R. King’s thrilling fantasy debut, an orphan girl blossoms into a warrior, summoning courage and confidence in her fearless quest to upend tradition, overthrow an empire, and reclaim her life as her own.

Author Bio:
Emily R. King is a reader of everything and a writer of fantasy. Born in Canada and raised in the USA, she has perfected the use of “eh” and “y’all” and uses both interchangeably. Shark advocate, consumer of gummy bears, and islander at heart, Emily’s greatest interests are her four children. She’s a member of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators and an active participant in her local writers’ community. She lives in Northern Utah with her family and their cantankerous cat.