Friday, July 9, 2010

Not-So-Serious Friday

Well, it’s time for another of my not-so-serious Fridays where I mix up a quirky questionnaire based on some of my (and your) favorite literary and pop culture classic characters. Hope everyone had a decent week getting back into the groove after the 4th of July. For now, just have a great weekend and I’ll see you next week.

  1. Which would probably be the least successful matchmaking dinner date?
    1. Peter Pan and Dear Abbey – Grow up already.
    2. Hans and Franz with the Invisible Girl – We can’t tell, are you fondling our muscles yet?
    3. Alien and Predator – Come on, they have so much in common.
  2. Who would be most likely to graduate from college?
    1. Superman – X-ray vision lets him pass all the tests.
    2. Edgar Allen Poe – So depressing they’d probably pass him just to get rid of him.
    3. Queen Victoria – Frumpy, but she comes with good references.   
  3. In an apprenticeship, who would you prefer to work under?
    1. The Godfather – It’s an offer you couldn’t refuse.
    2. Batman – You can be fierce and still wear tights.
    3. Medusa – Must pass the eye exam to begin work.
  4. Which one would make a good candidate for California’s next governor?
    1. Garfield the Cat – Known for fastidious eat and sleep program.
    2. Emperor Nero – Great supporter of the fire brigade.
    3. Helen of Troy – The face that launched a thousand votes.