Monday, May 6, 2013

Civil War Weekend

Ever been surrounded by a few hundred rifles and a dozen cannons all going off at once? Have you wanted to go back in time and relive an era of history?

This weekend I took part in the annual Gibson Ranch Civil War reenactment in the Sacramento area. Needless to say, wearing wool in ninety degree heat and lugging around a hot musket are a great way to get some exercise on a warm spring day. It was also great getting a chance to take some shots at some Rebs (I fight for the North), and to see old friends I hadn’t seen in a while. This is but one of the many ways I not only relive history, but do research for my historical writing. This weekend alone I learned how to disassemble/reassemble an 1860s rifle and some other things I could never have learned in a book. I had to do it for myself.

So what are some ways you research for your writing? What are some places you like to go or things you like to do that enhances the authenticity of your work?