Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Farewell to Candlestick

This Sunday my wife and I went to a 49ers game at Candlestick Park! The Niners won and are doing great, but this is the last year that the famous old ballpark will be used. After over a half century of memories the park will be demolished at the end of this football season.

The park has gotten pretty old and in some ways is a shadow of its former self, but we still had a great time at the game. I have many fond memories growing up when I used to watch the SF Giants baseball games there before they moved to their new ballpark at China Basin. The Niners will have their brand new stadium ready for them in Santa Clara by next year. In the meantime, we’ll always have the memories of a stadium that gave us half a dozen Super Bowl teams and a few World Series contenders as well.  

What are some old landmarks where you live? Places where you have memories that are unique to your home locale? What familiar sights of your childhood have since passed into history?