Tuesday, November 5, 2013


Why, oh, why did I decide to try and do NaNo WriMo this year? Yup, I’m only five days in and already behind on my daily allotment of words. Not that I’m not still trying, but man, oh, man is November a busy month!

But I always like to show the bright side during my monthly Insecure Writer’s Post, and the bright side is…hey, at least I’m writing. I’m also reading a lot, and even though I’ve not quite focused my powers (so to speak) I am feeling inspired after reading works by Paulo Coelho and Deepak Chopra, just to name a few. I feel like I have new ideas brewing under the surface within my subconscious, but they need to steep a bit more before they’re ready to come to life on the page.  

So, how’s your NaNo month going? Making any progress on your work? What’s inspired you lately?