Friday, March 12, 2010

Take the What-Would-Shakespeare-Do Quiz

Friday has come and as usual my mood lightens up at the prospect of the coming weekend. Today I’ve just posted a fun little idea my wife and I joked about the other night, basically comparing hypothetical situations regarding famous authors, characters, and hero-types if they had to compete in ordinary, everyday situations. Take the little quiz yourself and see how you think these characters/people should stack up against each other. Have a great weekend everyone!


   1. Who would most likely get out of a speeding ticket?

     a. Shakespeare – Cut us do we not bleed, give me a citation do I not cry?
     b. Ben Kenobi – This isn’t the speeding Miata you’re looking for.
     c. Hermione Granger – Expecto Patronum!

   2. In each of these pairings, which person would win in a duel?

     a. Captain Kirk versus Scarlet O’Hara – Well, I do declare!
     b. An oompa loompa versus Tiny Tim – My whooping cough (ehuh, ehuh).
     c. Ernest Hemingway versus David Bowie (from Labyrinth) – You remind me of the babe…

   3. Which villain would most likely prefer to be your personal nemesis if you were neighbors?

     a. Emperor Palpatine – Your trash is on my side of the lawn, you will pay for your lack of vision!
     b. Professor Moriarty – Tough luck Sherlock, I don’t know where your unemployment checks in the mail have disappeared to…
     c. Hannibal Lecter – Yes, I saw your in-laws, I had them over for dinner.

   4. Name the wedding that would be most uncomfortable to attend.

     a. King Arthur and Guinevere – Let’s choose Lancelot as the best-man.
     b. Bram Stoker and Mary Shelley – Is that a draft I feel on my neck?
     c. Yoda and Gollum – May the divorce be with you.