Friday, March 12, 2010

Take the What-Would-Shakespeare-Do Quiz

Friday has come and as usual my mood lightens up at the prospect of the coming weekend. Today I’ve just posted a fun little idea my wife and I joked about the other night, basically comparing hypothetical situations regarding famous authors, characters, and hero-types if they had to compete in ordinary, everyday situations. Take the little quiz yourself and see how you think these characters/people should stack up against each other. Have a great weekend everyone!


   1. Who would most likely get out of a speeding ticket?

     a. Shakespeare – Cut us do we not bleed, give me a citation do I not cry?
     b. Ben Kenobi – This isn’t the speeding Miata you’re looking for.
     c. Hermione Granger – Expecto Patronum!

   2. In each of these pairings, which person would win in a duel?

     a. Captain Kirk versus Scarlet O’Hara – Well, I do declare!
     b. An oompa loompa versus Tiny Tim – My whooping cough (ehuh, ehuh).
     c. Ernest Hemingway versus David Bowie (from Labyrinth) – You remind me of the babe…

   3. Which villain would most likely prefer to be your personal nemesis if you were neighbors?

     a. Emperor Palpatine – Your trash is on my side of the lawn, you will pay for your lack of vision!
     b. Professor Moriarty – Tough luck Sherlock, I don’t know where your unemployment checks in the mail have disappeared to…
     c. Hannibal Lecter – Yes, I saw your in-laws, I had them over for dinner.

   4. Name the wedding that would be most uncomfortable to attend.

     a. King Arthur and Guinevere – Let’s choose Lancelot as the best-man.
     b. Bram Stoker and Mary Shelley – Is that a draft I feel on my neck?
     c. Yoda and Gollum – May the divorce be with you.


  1. 1. Ben, totally. And, he'd get all of his parking tickets cleared in the process.

    2. a. Probably have to go with Scarlet - she seems like she'd be suited quite well to playing on Kirk's "weakness." Ahem.
    b. Oompa Loompa. "What do you get when you're feeling quite - sick? A punch to the face and stomach kick. Now what do you think. Of. That?"
    c. I don't know too much about Hemingway, but I think he'd be too stunned by Bowie in tights to put up much of a fight.

    3. b. "Well, do send the checks along if you should happen to find them, and I'll keep a lookout for your dentures."

    4. c. Really, just getting through the wedding vows would test my sanity. "Do take creature this wedded lawfully mate mine to be for always in sick, health, rich, and poor. Mmm-hmm-mmm."