Wednesday, January 12, 2011

First Draft Finished!!!

Finally, after six months of writing, the first draft of my new colonial novel, The Last Cabin, is done! Many thanks to those of you over the last weeks who have helped me hem and haw through various titles for this book as well. So the work’s all done, right?

Not quite. I’ve begun my second round of rewrites and am pretty pleased with the results so far. The biggest joke is that my novel totals over 117,000 words in length, which is way too long! Now I have the task before me of trimming it down to a marketable size of well under 100,000 words.

We’ll see how it goes, as I’m anxious to get this story into the hands of fellow readers and agents alike. Hopefully, I can start sharing sample chapters with many of you soon, as my wife has diligently made me rewrite every chapter as I went along during my first draft, so I’m hoping just to clean up a few things before getting feedback from a wider audience. I’ll have a synopsis for you all soon and hope to give you a proper introduction to my novel sometime in the next couple weeks!