Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Death of the Paperbacks

It seems the extinction of paper publishing has already begun. Some of you may already own a tablet, or Kindle, or iPad, or Slate, or Xoom, or Nook, or some other Star Trek-esk reading device that the ancients used to call…a book. 

I’m all for progress, but the monkish, luddite, tactile, Neanderthal inside me wants to bang on the desk and shout “No take-um my book, Ug!” Okay, maybe not that extreme, but any book-lover out there knows what I’m talking about. So what’s the sensible thing to do? Should we burn the libraries and convert to electronic pads or should we buy up paperbacks and horde them away in preparation for the intellectual apocalypse to come? 

The truth probably lies somewhere between these slightly divergent alternatives.  So, my fellow wise book-learned writers/readers, what have you decided to do? I myself am debating whether to hold back or join the progressive wave, but perhaps there’s a third way in between. What would you do?