Monday, May 16, 2011

Pick Your Favorite Blogs

It’s no secret that a gigillion new blogs are published every day (yes, I’m considering a gigillion a real number). On top of that, every blog out there generates new posts every day or so, only adding to the bombardment of mass information available out on the web. So the question remains, what (if any of it) is worth reading? 

I suppose my real question for all my fellow writers, readers, and bloggers out there today is, of all the blogs, semi-blogs, and similar personal websites generated on the internet, which are your favorites and why? Obviously, I prefer more writing/reading/literary oriented blogs myself, but that doesn’t rule out great sports, entertainment, food, and other thought provoking mediums available to me. I suppose I’m looking for that special something that makes a quirky blog sparkle while others seem to fall flat. 

So what are some of your favorite blogs? Where do you go day after day, and what continues to draw you to that well of inspiration or entertainment? I always like to gauge what other people are reading out there whether it be printed on paper or online. By the way, it’s not cheating to list your own blog...after all I’d like to read that as well! 


  1. A few that I like:

    Tribal Writer - Justine Musk's blog on creativity.

    Fangraphs - a stat-oriented look at baseball

    Marginal Revolution - the economics and politics discussions might be off-putting/uninteresting to some, but there's also a lot of good cultural conversation (arts, food, travel, science).

  2. McCovey Chronicles, and Mark Noce Stories =)

    Oh and Left Field Laws haha

  3. I like blogs that make me laugh, teach me something or give me something useful while still entertaining me. I do tend to read mostly writing/publishing related blogs, and there are sooooo many good ones out there. Elana Johnson's, Carrie Harris's, my blog (naaaturally lol) and the other blog I contribute to, Operation Awesome...Hair Dye and Samurai (by the hilarious and talented Cole Gibsen) - argh...too many to name :) Several of my favorites are already on your list, but you've got some on there I need to check out for sure :)

  4. I am thinking of one blog in particular, Chez Danisse. It has visual beauty, creative writing, introspection and poetry, and the air of something new and refreshing. A real person who I feel I can connect with in some way. All of the things that are sometimes missing from my real day-to-day life, and I find them in the blogging world.

  5. Hektor - insightful as always:) Very cool sites. Tribal Writer had some particularly good tidbits.

    Larry - yes, I like McCovey Chronicles, but Left Field Laws is totally the best :)

    Michelle - wow so much to choose from! You're a treasure trove of sites to hit up and I shall continue to investigate them all:)

    Anonymous - (mysterious) But I def like Chez Danisse's site, particularly the images and the concise prose. These photos should be in an art magazine if they aren't already!

  6. Anonymous was me - tee hee! Computer error, maybe I should have left it a mystery.