Monday, May 16, 2011

Pick Your Favorite Blogs

It’s no secret that a gigillion new blogs are published every day (yes, I’m considering a gigillion a real number). On top of that, every blog out there generates new posts every day or so, only adding to the bombardment of mass information available out on the web. So the question remains, what (if any of it) is worth reading? 

I suppose my real question for all my fellow writers, readers, and bloggers out there today is, of all the blogs, semi-blogs, and similar personal websites generated on the internet, which are your favorites and why? Obviously, I prefer more writing/reading/literary oriented blogs myself, but that doesn’t rule out great sports, entertainment, food, and other thought provoking mediums available to me. I suppose I’m looking for that special something that makes a quirky blog sparkle while others seem to fall flat. 

So what are some of your favorite blogs? Where do you go day after day, and what continues to draw you to that well of inspiration or entertainment? I always like to gauge what other people are reading out there whether it be printed on paper or online. By the way, it’s not cheating to list your own blog...after all I’d like to read that as well!