Monday, May 23, 2011

Pick Your Favorite Stalkers

The joys of social media provide us with connections to friends, acquaintances, and strangers where we can say as much or as little about ourselves as we choose. At the same time it seems we can all learn as much or more than we wished to know about others, giving social networks the feeling of an anonymous, electronic stalker. Nonetheless, my fellow bloggers and web-surfers out there tend to have their favorite brands they use in order to get their content published to the web. 

Most of us use multiple options of the following: Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads, MySpace, Blogger, Flickr, etc., etc.  Still, I’ve often found that people tend to prefer one or two over all the other alternatives and I am always interested in the reasons why people prefer their “stalker” form of social media over another.  Even if someone publishes content on Blogger, the bulk of their readers might find them via links on Facebook or Twitter or elsewhere. 

There are of course many alternate options I haven’t listed, such as Google Buzz, LinkedIn, and an endless myriad of other types of social media. Such is the web. So what are your favorite forms of social media that you use for your blog or to see other people’s work? And why does that social “stalker” avenue work for you better than others? What gets you the best results?