Friday, July 29, 2011

George R.R. Martin Sighting

Have you read the latest edition from the “Fire and Ice” series, probably the bestselling fantasy novels in stores today? Or maybe you've gotten hooked on the new HBO series about the books entitled “A Game of Thrones?” Are you a longtime follower of the man they call “the American Tolkien” or have you recently joined the legions of his fandom?

I usually refrain from talking about my day job on my blog, but yesterday at lunch I noticed a man standing not ten feet away from me with a black cap and a fluffy white beard. I nearly did a double take when I recognized the man as George R.R. Martin himself eating lunch right by me! Needless to say me and those around buzzed with giddy excitement. The reclusive author came onto Google campus and did a book signing in Mountain View before stopping by our Google cafes for lunch.

His handlers weren't letting anyone near him, but it was cool to see “the American Tolkien” up close. Nonetheless, people lined up to see him and the crowds astonished me as I'd never seen that level of fame and fandom bestowed on an author before. You would have thought Brad Pitt or the President had stopped by.

It makes me curious as to other peoples' experiences upon seeing famous authors up close? Anyone ever caught a glimpse of one or heard one speak? Who's a famous author that you'd like to one day meet?