Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Hobbit Comes to Film

That's right, down in New Zealand Peter Jackson is about midway into filming scenes for the upcoming two-part movie based on J.R.R. Tolkien's classic The Hobbit. Many returning actors from the LOTR trilogy will appear, including Gandalf, Bilbo (old and young), and somehow even Legolas and Frodo. Don't ask, I'm not quite sure how they could possibly work Frodo in unless they do some strange flash-foreword. Also, expect dwarves....lots and lots of dwarves.

Apparently, two films are in the works, the first of which will be a straight-up version of the book The Hobbit, and a year after that an interpretive Tolkien story that's supposed to bridge the gap between The Hobbit story and the LOTRs. Needless to say, I'm very excited that they're making the films, however, as a book-lover and Tolkienite, I do worry a bit about what exactly the second film will entail considering no specific book was written to bridge the generation between Bilbo and Frodo's times.

Nonetheless, I believe that film helps generate people's interests in books, so in the end I still think Tolkien will have the last laugh (so to speak). I know Harry Potter is coming out soon, but tell me that some of you out there are pumped up about the next series of Middle Earth movies. Any fellow Tolkien fans out there?


  1. Hi Mark...can you believe it, I am yet to read The Hobbit. Its a book I have picked up several times but have not gone through more than few pages.

  2. Hello Mark:
    We are, we must confess, somewhat wary about the apparent need for so many books to be converted into film and would, in the nicest possible way, question whether a result of seeing the film does in fact lead people to the original text? All too often, although not in every case, the film becomes a poor substitute.

    That said, we totally applaud cinema as an art form, but let it be in its own right.

  3. I've never read the books...I've always meant to, I just never have. I really should remedy that. Annnnd...I only saw the first movie...again, something I keep meaning to fix and just haven't got around to it.

    I'll make it a goal to catch up on it all before The Hobbit comes out! :D

  4. I love the books. However, because I used to be an animator I'm a little wary of the films. I found the special effects exceptionally sloppy -- the consistencies/continuity, the colour matching etc. I can't help it. My friends don't like going to the movies with me because I usually destroy the films for them by pointing out the mistakes. lol.

    Having said that, I am looking forward to the Hobbit just to see what they do with it. It's a great story.

  5. Rachna – Well, The Hobbit is pretty awesome, but you should definitely check out LOTRs and Simarillion too…you won’t be disappointed:)

    Jane/Lance – It would be an interesting study to see how film effects books, but I know that the LOTR films definitely upped Tolkien book sales. But in terms of art books and film are more oranges and apples to me, I like and respect both…but of course how can you beat a good book, really;)

    Michelle – The Hobbit is a great kids book, so you could always make it a bedtime story for your children, that way you’ll get two tasks done at once! Just an idea:)

    Lynda – Wow, an animator! That sounds so cool. I’d still be interested in what films you found had better CGI, but most importantly I’m glad that you love the Tolkien books:)

  6. Can't wait to see thoses hobbitses once more. I misses them. And their hairy feet.