Monday, July 11, 2011

Summer Retreats

Sometimes picture yourself high up in the mountains in a cabin pounding away at the great American novel on a typewriter? Or perhaps you see yourself lounging in a remote beach community in the tropics while you pen your memoirs by hand. If so, you've probably got summer retreat fever...something that I think most authors catch at some point during the warm season.

With the advent of summer it's hard to sit inside a stuffy office, school room, or even your house while the natural world seems to delight in its own glorious existence. I sometimes like to visit a family country house or spend time down the coast where it's warm by the beach, but other times I just enjoy getting inspiration in my summer garden right at home. I suppose the key ingredient whatever keeps you writing.

But everyone finds their happy summer retreat writing place in different locations. Where do you like to go this time of year for inspiration, peace, solace, and a nice quiet zone to work? Do you prefer a mountain retreat, a tropical getaway, or perhaps you like the big urban sprawl?