Friday, August 5, 2011

Editing the Editor

Got a few rewrites to do? Maybe you just did some, but after a second look you realized that you have to do some more? So when can you tell whether you've edited enough?

By my third, fourth, and fifth drafts I often find myself questioning some of my earlier edits and in essence have a debate with myself as I try to edit my own internal editor. If you follow that logic (illogical though it may seem) then you know the struggle that every writer must go through. I'm in the midst of conducting intensive rewrites to my current work-in-progress and although I like how it's shaping up, it still astonishes me how many hours upon hours of work can go into crafting a single line or two.

So how do you self-edit your own material once you're a few drafts into your work? Obviously, the other editors can help you see the good and bad in your story, but how do you objectively evaluate your own work (as much as that is possible)? When is enough enough or is the editing process really ever finished?