Friday, August 26, 2011

Making the Best Query Ever

How does a writer sell their story, their masterpiece, their baby, to an agent in only a few paragraphs? Can you really write a foolproof query that will snag their admin's attention? What's the secret to unlocking their curiosity about the story you've told?

Well, I loved the wise, thoughtful comments everyone provided on my last post about writing a synopsis so much that I decided to follow it up with a post on queries. Let me just say that you guys are all good....very, very good at what you do, and your advice has been invaluable. I think hashing out the synopsis is a big part of the journey on the way to penning a great query for agents.

So what does a query need that sets it apart from a synopsis or a even a quick pitch for that matter? What information has to come across right away and how do you make the writing style reflect the way you wrote your novel? How do you make your query stand a good way?