Monday, August 29, 2011

My Hometown...Where I Get Inspiration

Ever wonder how different James Joyce's work might have been if he hadn't come from Dublin or Virginia Woolf's without her longing to return to London? Didn't Faulkner set most of his novels in the state of Mississippi where he grew up? How many favorite authors of yours include tidbits of their hometowns in their published fiction?

I always wonder how locality inspires an author, and when I think of my own home in the San Francisco Bay area it gets me thinking about other authors that lived and wrote here, like Jack London or Frank Norris. The picture I posted is a satellite image of San Francisco (I live in the lower right-hand corner near a patch of green). Needless to say, the hubbub of the city certainly provides ample inspiration, but beyond this picture a lot of idyllic forests and mountains also add a natural touch alongside the blue ocean waters that also get my imagination going.

So where do you live now and how does that influence your writing, if at all? Everywhere from India to Australia to “Small-town” U.S.A. can produce the most unexpected results in an author's work. How does your hometown inspire you?