Monday, August 15, 2011

Persistence Pays Off

Sometimes between rewriting your nth draft or receiving your next rejection letter it can feel difficult to continue persevering. Hours and hours before a computer screen, paper and electronic submissions, and expensive conferences all add up and take their toll. So how on earth is a writer supposed to keep going?

I've had a slightly persistent attitude I've employed since my undergrad days when I came up with a little namesake to keep me going, but also to keep me from ever getting too serious when I felt bogged down. I called myself “the Rash” because no matter the odds I refused to go away until accomplishing my goal. I applied this strategy when trying to add new classes when the professor already said their room was full, asked questions in class no matter whether I thought it made me look stupid or not, and I spent enough time in the library that I'm sure my name certainly came up like a rash on the school checkout computers.

I continue to use this odd little euphemism when persisting with my writing endeavors and to make myself laugh when the serious business of the literary industry weighs me down. So what little tricks do you do in order to keep going? Any little mantras, mind games, or quirky outlooks that help you continue with your writing when times get tough?