Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Wanted: Critique Partners

Do you enjoy reading stories of intrigue, romance, and adventure set in a historical setting? Are you willing to critique the first 10 pages of my completed novel? Interested in extreme karma points as well as having my eternal gratitude? 

If you answered “Yes” to any of the above you must be a bit crazy, which means you’re exactly the kind of critique partner I’m looking for. I already have a few devoted critique partners, but I’m looking to get feedback from a slightly wider audience concerning the opening of my Civil War Novel The Long Defeat. Below is a quick blurb of my book:

Will and Nate think that the American Civil War will end in a month, but neither realize that they will both have to try and kill each other before it is over. When Will loses a court case defending a runaway slave in Massachusetts he enlists to fight for the North, while Nate leaves his family’s wealthy Louisiana plantation to defend the honor of the South. These two strangers meet under a flag of truce in Virginia only to later fight one another on several battlefields. Both men get more than they bargain for when two brash young women, a Boston blueblood named Emma and a New Orleans courtesan called Marie, volunteer as nurses for the North and South. Serving alongside the men at the front, Emma falls for Will who suffers from a troubled marriage, whereas Marie courts Nate despite his engagement to a Southern heiress. As the four-year struggle unfolds both Will and Nate must ultimately decide how different the enemy across the lines really is from themselves, and whether the women they meet at the front can ever be a part of their lives back home. All the while the dangers of the battlefield may prevent some of them from ever returning home at all.       

If you’re interested in reading the first 10 pages please email me at or just leave your email address in the comments section. I’m more than willing to offer myself as critique partner in return for anyone willing to critique the first chapter of my completed novel. So…anybody willing to swap some stories or at least offer some good karma vibes?