Wednesday, August 24, 2011

What's in a Good Synopsis?

Finally finish that last revision of your story? Now you just have to summarize the entire plot and essence of your novel in just a paragraph or two? How the heck are you supposed to boil down tens of thousands of words into a handful of sentences?

Ah, they joys of creating a synopsis. It has to grab the reader's attention, hook them into the book, and yet still explain not only the storyline itself, but the “vibe” of the novel as well. I'm currently working on writing (and frequently rewriting) a short synopsis for my current work-in-progress, but have found it a surprisingly grueling chore. Deciding what parts of the story to mention and what parts to leave out of the synopsis has proved no easy task either.

So how do you tackle the challenge of generating a well-rounded, short synopsis for your book? If you had to sell your story to an agent/editor in only a few sentences how would you go about it? What do you do that makes your synopsis eye-catching and unique?