Monday, August 22, 2011

Why Libraries Rock!

Tired of spending all that extra cash on paperbacks? Or maybe that pricey new e-reader still doesn't quite feel like an old fashioned book did in your hands? Are your household shelves choking on the plethora of books that you've already greedily devoured?

There's nothing quite like a trip to a well stocked library, which is where I've been going every week to get my book fix. Nine out of ten titles I'm looking for are either right there on the shelf or can be loaned from another library. The best part is that it doesn't cost me a dime and my house isn't crowded with tons of leftover books from the store. Besides, you can checkout music, movies, and lots more in addition to books!

I've often found that other writers usually have pretty fond memories of their first visit to a library. A lot of authors tend to have their favorite one or two libraries that they haunt on a regular basis. So what are your fondest library memories and what keeps you going back for more?