Monday, November 7, 2011

Blogging for Academia

My friend Kelly has interviewed me regarding my blog, which she’s referencing as part of a media project for her class at Berkeley. First she asked me questions about my blog, and then she needed feedback from people who visit my site. I spoke to some of you this weekend who were super awesome in providing feedback to her questionnaire.

So thank you, thank you, thank you all! I’ve posted her questions for fellow bloggers below regarding my site and if you’d like to provide her any additional feedback in the comment section it’d be most useful for her project, as the more input she gets from people the more thorough she can make her paper. Otherwise, thanks for stop by as usual and have a great start to you week!

1.  How long have you interacted with this site (months, years, etc)?
2.  What is your motivation for logging into the site and what expectations did you have going into it?  Have your expectations changed?

3.  How often do you log into the blog (e.g. multiple times a day? weekly? etc.) and do you interact with other consumers on the site?

4.  Who do you interact with on the site?
5.  Are the interactions within this site meaningful to you?  How so?  Meaning may imply your satisfactions.

6.  What do you enjoy to write about or respond to?