Wednesday, November 16, 2011

NanoWriMo Update

How are your NanoWriMo goals shaping up this month? Halfway through November and still wondering where all the time went? Are you still on track or do you have some catching up to do?

Needless to say, I’m very glad that I opted to do a mini or partial NanoWriMo of 25,000 words instead of 50,000 for the month. I’m approximately halfway toward my goal of penning 25,000 words for the month of November, and although it hasn’t all been for one project, between my short-stories and large manuscript projects, I’m still well over 10,000 words and counting. The key ingredient for me is keeping it fun and trying not to approach it as work, but as something fun to do.

Have you readjusted your NanoWri goals or are you still planning on finishing in time? Do you tend to do better at the beginning of the month or do you gain speed as it progresses? What have you already learned from this year’s NanoWriMo that you could improve upon or what has worked really well for you in your writing schedule?


  1. Hello Mark:
    You appear to be very well on target for what you have set yourself. It is, of course, as you say, important that it remains fun and does not become a chore.

  2. Last year I had a slow start, but by the second week, picked up steam and finished a few days early.

  3. I didn't start until a week ago, but in the past week I've knocked out 35k. I hope to finish my 50k this week and start editing my draft by the end of the month.
    You've got the right attitude about making it fun. It should be!

  4. My goal has been to just get a good start on a project I've been meaning to do for a while. It's more encouraging to finish when I see I've got a good chunk done already. And, of course, trying to keep it fun is important. :-)

  5. My goodness...I can only compliment you and encourage you. I hate word counting though I am told one should write with a calculator nearby to count the words...I prefer to write and love doing it but frequently I review to find out that what appeared so delightful in my head was actually quite poor_but hey, I just remembered that I am not a better start working towards 30,000! Have a great one!

  6. Congrats on reaching the halfway mark!

  7. Sounds like you've been productive. I'll try to finish, but I'm a couple days behind.

  8. I'm way behind, but I'm no longer worried. If I get there, great. If not, well - everything happens for a reason :-)

  9. That's great. You made your goal attainable and approach it as something fun to do. Sounds like you're already a winner!

  10. Yay for reaching the halfway mark. I'm on track for NaNo as well. I've learned not to stress too much. Nano is just a motivator and as long as I'm writing everyday, then it's all good.

  11. Great job on being half way on your goal! I did the same as you, where I'm counting any writing, rather than an individual novel. Good luck with finishing your mini-NaNo successfully.

  12. Congrats on reaching the halfway mark, Mark. I am brainstorming and writing few important scenes. I have never done NaNo.

  13. Jane/Lance – Thanks for the encouragement:)

    Alex – Yeah, I’m kind of the same way.

    E.R. – 35K is plenty to be proud of, but yes, keeping it fun is essential.

    L.C. – I agree that a good start can be key…trying to get off to a good start myself:)

    MrsLittleJeans – Thanks so much! I’ll be happy with 25,000 by month’s end:)

    Sonia – Thanks!

    Miranda – It’s just an illusion I assure you;) Well, I try:)

    Sarah – I understand, it’s not worth it to put added pressure on yourself for something that ought to be enjoyable.

    Mary - That’s a good way to look at it…I guess I’ll feel like a winner if I finish by November 30.

    Lynda – Yay indeed. Glad you’re on track as well. You’re taking on much more than I :)

    Shannon – Thank you. Mini-Nanos are definitely worthwhile.

    Rachna – Brainstorm is not to be underestimated. Best of luck with that:)