Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Insecure Writer Day

Ever have trouble keeping your writing separated from the rest of your life? Have a bad day at work and as a result a bad day at writing? Or maybe funerals, weddings, etc. keep interrupting your normal thought patterns when it comes to writing?

I know that as authors we’re supposed to use the canvas of life’s experiences to fuel our craft, but sometimes those experiences can overwhelm the writing process itself. When life gets really hectic I often feel less like a writer and more like the character in someone else’s book…I just hope each day it’ll have a happy ending;) I don’t know if this qualifies so much as an insecurity rather than a lack of keeping all those competing voices inside my head quiet when I need to focus on writing.

So how do you shrug off the other concerns in your life for a few hours a day? How do you prevent the fatigue you may feel from seeping into your writing? How do you get back into the groove even when you initially just don’t feel like you’ll produce anything worthwhile?