Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Critique Partners…How it Improves Your Own Writing and Karma

Ever get one of those friendly invitations from a fellow author to swap stories and critique each other’s work? Perhaps you’ve declined due to being too busy or just plain wondering what good your own advice would do anyone? Well, today I’d like to encourage you to ignore all those doubts and say “yes” to critiquing your fellow author’s work.

I’ve been swapping stories recently with several great bloggers/writers and have enjoyed reading everything from novels to short-stories from their works-in-progress. Not only by critiquing each other’s work can you help your fellow authors, you’ll also improve your own writing in the process. I’ve found that some of the very same suggestions I offered to other writers turned out to be the very same alterations I required in my own manuscript or short-story.

So, I know this is the equivalent of jumping into a pile of dry leaves with a wet sucker, but who else wants to swap stories? Interested in getting some much needed feedback on your current work in progress? Or maybe I’ve read your work before and you’ve got a rewrite for me to see? Let the good karma begin.