Thursday, February 2, 2012

Insecure Writer’s Day…Groundhog Day

Happy Groundhog Day! Remember that Bill Murray movie entitled Groundhog Day where he lives the same day over and over again? Well, for today’s Insecure Writer’s post I have to admit that my submission process to agents feels somewhat like a continual Groundhog Day.

I’m still waiting on the same three agents who have had partials or full versions of my manuscript, The Long Defeat, since last fall. I’ve tried waiting and I’ve tried pinging them, but either way the response is always the same…they need more time. In the meanwhile, I’ve been hesitant to send out more queries since I already have three interested agents (one of whom asked for an exclusive which I could not grant).

I’m sure several of you have been in the same conundrum before, so I’m curious what did you do? What’s the longest you’ve waited for a response from an interested agent? How do you balance patience with being proactive?


  1. I haven't experienced this, but I would continue to send my work out. I want someone who loves my book as much as I do, and if they are taking a long time then that tells me they aren't head-over-heels. But don't take my word for it...

  2. Ground hog day is my absolute favorite or near the top favorite movie...doesn't it show to you Bill Murray's individual growth as he relives that time period over and over again...after all the experiences he becomes an empath! Are you becoming a better and wiser you? I have to go with Bennett...your work needs to find those eyes who cannot put it down. Good luck Mark!

  3. Just wanna give you some blog love - I can't really answer your question. Though I've queried...I've never been in your position. Hang in there! Don't let the insecurities get ya!

  4. I've waited on a couple publishers to review partials but I didn't do any writing in between. Which I probably should've done!

  5. Well I've never been in that situation before, but congrats that you have three interested agents! I think I'd just keep working in the meantime to make the time go faster.

  6. Oh, please don't wait on these agents. I don't care how much they might be interested, you need to keep querying. The more interest you have in your manuscript the more leverage you'll have if you need it. Imagine how fast some of those agents might get to your ms if they knew someone else was offering representation. Keep querying, that's my, for what it's worth from an unrepresented writer. :)

  7. I'm with J.A. I have my full at three agents but I'm sending it out more (an exclusive is not in place for any of the three fulls).

  8. I feel your pain! I gave an agent an exclusive that I was told would last six weeks. Six MONTHS later, I got her "this is good, but I already represent something like it." Grr! Hang in their Mark. Patience is a quality that always needs improving. : )

  9. Patience is tough, but hopefully the wait is worth while. Best of luck to you! :)

  10. Happy Ground Hog Day!

    As for dealing with the agents, I am just too impatient. I'd keep querying out there.

    Me personally, I went straight to publishers. I'll get an agent later when I really need one.

  11. Dude. Send out more. Seriously. If nothing else it will give you something to think about. Research more agents and write more books.

  12. Yeah, I don't wait. I send out more. It can't hurt.

  13. I haven't got this far in the writing process yet, but I agree with the majority. Get out there and send some more! :D

  14. I'd agree with the other commenters and say to continue to send it out. Though that's just my opinion, and I don't have experience with queries.

    Good luck with your manuscript!

  15. I love that movie! And YES, querying feeling like a continual Groundhog Day. I've been waiting almost 2 months now on an agent who is reading my full manuscript. Good luck, Mark! - Lo

  16. I have not experienced this Mark, so no advice to give. Where the 3 agents are concerned, I would say hang in there (there is no other option anyways).

    But I would also urge you to query some more. There is no guarantee that any of the 3 interested agents will reply fast or reply at all (it happened to 2 online writing pals of mine). They pitched their books to agents at conferences,the agents requested a full, but just did not reply back. So the best option, spread the net.

  17. I'd keep querying. If you get another interested agent, great! If you don't query more and none of the three agents decide to sign you, you will regret having wasted these last few months. That's just my humble opinion.

  18. Hey Mark! Last night I sent emails out about the Catch Fire! Blog Party and yours bounced. I copied it from the list, so maybe one letter was wrong. Can you email me your address? Thanks again for signing up!

  19. I'm not where you are but for what it's worth I agree with the others. Definitely continue to send your work out, they don't have it on exclusive so will be expecting you to do so anyway. Also, if you're writing the next one, it'll take your mind off this one :-)

  20. Waiting is so hard! I would keep querying while you're waiting though - the worst that could happen is you'll have to tell the other agents when you get an offer and give them a chance to make their own offer, then you get to choose!

  21. J.A. – Agreed, sounds like good common sense to me:)

    LittleJeans – It is a great film. I will indeed take up J.A.’s advice:)

    April – Thanks, will do!

    Alex – I’m definitely doing tons of writing write now, but I just want to make sure I still push my completed stories.

    Aubree – Thanks! I’ll definitely keep up the writing.

    L.G. – Yeah, I waited at first because some of them requested I did, but I explained I couldn’t offer nay exclusives, but now they still say they need more time.

    Kelley – Wow! Good for you! I will follow your sterling example:)

    Emily – Yeah, that’s what I’m worried about. Seems like an eerily similar story.

    David – Thanks Dave!

    Jay – I’ve never pinged publishers directly, how does that work?

    Donna – Yes, ma’am;)

    Lynda – Guess not, will do.

    Kyra – Sounds like the majority vote…and I prefer to follow the will of the masses;)

    Eagle – Thanks so much!

    Jeremy - Thanks:)

    Lo – It is a great movie! Good luck with your query efforts as well.

    Rachna – As always you have sound advice, and I will follow it, thanks:)

    Susan – That’s so very true, thanks!

    Alex – Hmm, I’ll check on that for you, apologies if I typed sloppily (sheepish grin).

    Sarah – I’m definitely writing the next one and it helps take my mind of for sure.

    Susan – Waiting can be a bore, but I’ll keep my fingers crossed.