Tuesday, February 21, 2012

San Francisco Writer’s Conference Weekend

Where else can you connect with hundreds of fellow writers and dozens of agents/editors all over the course of a three-day weekend? Do you crave face-time with published authors and professional literary consultants? Or maybe you just like to learn more and meet new people in an effort to broaden your horizons?

If so, then the annual San Francisco Writer’s Conference is for you. This weekend was my second time attending this big west coast event, and this get together was even better than the first. My favorite segments included meeting with editors, speaking to agents, listening to some great seminars, and, of course, mixing with fellow writers. I currently have half a dozen agents who have requested either full versions or partials of my historical novel, The Long Defeat, and I’m currently shopping around for a professional editor to help sharpen up my manuscript.  

To learn more about my novel, just checkout my previous post here. I’m curious about other writer’s conferences some of you may have attended. What types of conferences and writer events have you benefited from in the past?