Thursday, March 14, 2013

National Wormhole Day

If you could jump through a wormhole and visit any point in time, where would you go? Past or future? Earth or elsewhere?

As part of National Wormhole Day, and celebrating Einstein’s birthday, I’ve posed this question to myself. Honestly, it’s pretty hard since I love history so much, but I actually would probably want to see the Sermon on the Mount of all things (with someone who could translate for me).  If I ever went into the future, I’d certainly be tempted to checkout stock prices, but I learned from Back to the Future that betting on future sporting or economic events for gain will screw up the space time continuum…but whether past or present I’d love to go through the wormhole in a DeLorean!

So where and when would you go? How long would you stay? Who would you take with you?