Thursday, April 4, 2013

Goodreads Bought By Amazon

What does it all mean? Will Goodreads be forever changed or largely remain the same? Will Amazon use our info on Goodreads to bombard us with ads and to track our every reading habit?

Well, for the time being it probably means nothing, although I have noticed an influx of Amazon ads in my inbox lately. Amazon purportedly paid a pretty penny for Goodreads, which makes me wonder if they plan to do some major revamping in order to make good on their investment. After all, why build a social network from scratch when you can buy and modify one instead? Should Facebook and Twitter beware? Probably not. But then again Amazon has already drastically altered the publishing industry thus far, so who knows what tricks they’ve got up their sleeve.

Will Amazon’s recent acquisition effect your presence on Goodreads at all? Do you see the change as good, bad, or perhaps as a non-issue altogether?