Thursday, June 14, 2012

At Giants Game Today


Yes, it’s a workday. But my employer is taking the entire company out to the ballgame as a team building treat. Needless to say, I’m pretty stoked!

This comes on the heels of last night’s perfect game pitched by Matt Cain (which I watched on TV). No runs, no hits, no walks. He’s only the 22nd player in all major league history, and the first Giant, to literally pitch a perfect game.

It’s one of those historical moments where you think about where you are and how you’ll remember telling others about it. What are some great moments in history you remember? What were you doing at the time and why?


  1. It will be a crazy time at the game tonight! Enjoy.

  2. Hope you enjoyed the game -- any chance to miss a little work, right? Sounds like you've got a cool boss!

  3. I do indeed have a great place to work...and even though we lost the game it was still really fun:)