Thursday, July 3, 2014

I Got Me A Literary Agent!!!

Queue the Rocky music. I’ve waited and worked for this moment a long time. I just inked a contract with a literary agent for my new novel Between Two Fires. Score!

My awesome new agent, Rena Rossner, works for the Deborah Harris Literary Agency, which has over twenty years of experience in the publishing world. Needless to say, the real work is only just beginning, as I’m in midst of final revisions, drafts for the next book, and our marketing strategy going forward. It looks like it’ll be a fun, crazy, and fulfilling ride. You can learn more about Rena and her agency here.

Whew! I’m still a little bit in disbelief that this day has finally come. Thanks so much to all my awesome friends and fellow bloggers who have been such a source of inspiration and support. Rock on!     

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