Monday, August 18, 2014

Purple Sunflowers

Mother Nature is full of surprises. I’m big on growing my garden from seed year after year, and each summer the bees mix things up a little differently. Six years ago I planted mammoth, white seed sunflowers. Two years ago, the bees mixed it with something and the seeds turned black. This year those same seeds now come up purple and have a nice floral fragrance. Go figure.

But I enjoy the curveballs Nature throws me, and each year it makes my garden a little more unique. I have purple sunflowers, red corn, and some pretty tasty tomatoes. I should have more pumpkins, but the gofers have been unforgiving this season.

What types of plants to you like to grow in your garden? Do you enjoy harvesting your own fresh food? Or perhaps you enjoy herbs and flowers? How do you enjoy summer in your backyard?  

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