Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Very Inspiring and Versatile Blogger Awards

Big thanks to Elizabeth Varadan and Kristin Smith for nominating me for the Very Inspiring and Versatile Blogger Awards! I’ve combined my answers for both awards below and have nominated some of my awesome fellow bloggers. Thanks again!

Very Inspiring Blogger Award and Versatile Blogger Award (List 7 Random Facts About Yourself)

1.       I love gardening (especially growing things I can eat).
2.       I try to read 3-4 books per week (and always carry a book with me).
3.       My dad and I enjoy sailing on San Francisco Bay (when I have the chance to join him).
4.       My aunt first took me backpacking in Europe when I was 15, and I’ve been an avid traveler ever since.
5.       London Bound was my first published short story in college, based on my firsthand experiences during the 2005 London Bombings.
6.       At age 3, I wanted to be a Ghostbuster (and have never entirely given up on the dream). ;)
7.       My wife and son are the two best reasons why I wake up each morning to another awesome day!

Now go checkout some of these other terrific bloggers/writers!

Nominees for Very Inspiring Blogger Award: Rachna’s Scriptorium and Milo’s In Medias Res.

Nominees for Versatile Blogger Award: Alex J. Cavanaugh and Lynda’s W.I.P.

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