Friday, February 5, 2016

Speaking at SFWC Next Week!

Next Friday, I'll be speaking at the San Francisco Writer's Conference for the second year in a row! I'm pretty stoked to get to speak at the very same conference I first attended as a slightly wet-behind-the-ears writer several years ago.

The event will be held at the Mark Hopkin's hotel, and I'll get to address a few hundred budding authors all spending the weekend in San Francisco in order to learn more about their craft. It's also a fun place to connect with fellow book-lovers. Last year I remember telling them about the new book deal I had just signed and this year I get to tell them about my new novel coming out in August! How cool is that?

After speaking at my high school last month and prepping for my speech this month at the SFWC, I'm starting to get more and more comfortable talking to large groups about my work.

What are some great author talks you've attended in the past? What words of wisdom have other authors said that really stuck with you?   

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