Thursday, May 19, 2016

My Garden

This year I started a little experiment in my yard. Every year I enjoy my garden, and often save the seeds from previous growing seasons. This year, however, I’ve experimented in spending zero money or water on my yard, yet still determined to have my garden.

How can I do this, you ask? Well, I’m saving water from various sources within my house, i.e. every time I run the shower or tub for the kids in order to heat up the water, I save it in buckets. Or if I need to heat water to wash dishes, I once again save the water. All this water that used to simply go down the drain, I now use to water my garden. On top of that, Mother Nature has been pretty cooperative this year and has applied a few gentle spring showers to keep my plants growing.

I know this experiment won’t last indefinitely, and that’s I’ll eventually need to use the hose as my crops get bigger and need more water, but in the meantime I’m enjoying being eco-friendly and economical for my water bill as well. How’s your spring shaping up?

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