Friday, October 21, 2016

Great Time at San Luis Obispo Books Signing!!!

I had a great time this last weekend at my books signing at the Barnes and Noble in San Luis Obispo! We had a pretty decent rainstorm to contend with, but still got a nice turnout of familiar and new faces. Students from Cal Poly came by and a bunch of my former professors stopped in. Needless to say, it was like reliving a bit of my past while presenting my book.

The staff at the Barnes and Noble in SLO were great, some of them even buying my book and asking for an autographed copy. It means a lot to me because my wife and I have so many fond memories of this particular Barnes and Noble. To see my book on the shelf there feels like a real milestone.

The book tour marches on, with a bunch of Bay Area stops coming up in a few weeks. Green Apple Books in San Francisco and my former high school will be part of the November leg of my journey. All lots of fun stuff to look forward to!

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