Monday, November 14, 2016

Speaking at My Old High School

Last week, I got a chance to speak about my book to students at my old high school. Needless to say, it was a blast talking to hundreds of kids about Between Two Fires, and how I had once been sitting in the very same seats they’re in now. A couple of my old teachers were still there as well!

The students asked some really great questions about books and writing, but some of the funniest questions occurred when they asked me about what my grades had been and what some of their teachers were like when I had them. It was a little surreal, but definitely a lot of fun recalling my years there and how it can seem at once like yesterday, but also a while ago. What really stood out for me though, was the overwhelming fact that so many kids are genuinely interested in reading and writing, and that the arts are alive and well in the hearts and minds of young students.

I spoke for about four hours straight, as they kept sending in classes two at a time to the school library where I spoke. Today my voice has still not recovered (I’ve had four speaking events in the last week alone), but it’s all of a good cause. Of all the great places I’ve spoken on my book tour so far, talking to students at my former high school has definitely been one of the highlights. 

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