Thursday, December 15, 2016

Speaking in Silicon Valley

Today I had the awesome opportunity to have a book talk at my actual day job! HR set up the whole thing and a few dozen employees from my company came to listen to me speak about my book. Everyone had great questions and were super supportive!

I’ve never done a book talk in a corporate setting before, and it can be a little intimidating at first to share with coworkers from my day job just what I do during my “other” job as a writer. But people had already bought my book and brought copies for me to sign. Everyone was really genuinely interested in the process of becoming a published author. Big thanks to all my coworkers!

My pictures aren’t the most photogenic and don’t really capture just how many folks turned up, but then I again I always seem to forget to ask people to take pics and send them to me after my events. I guess I get so into talking about my book that I forget about everything else. Oh well. J

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