Friday, February 24, 2017

Book Tour Going Strong!

I had a great time speaking for the third year in a row at the annual San Francisco Writer’s Conference held at the Mark Hopkin’s Hotel! For the first time, I got to hold up my first published book as a crowd of a few hundred cheered. Definitely a rad experience!

This weekend I’m off to San Luis Obispo, where I’m speaking to students at my old alma mater, Cal Poly. I’ll be chatting with English-majors and hanging out with my former professors (all of whom insist I call them by their first names now). How trippy, cool is that?

Then the following weekend I’ll be in Sacramento speaking at the annual Authors On the Move fundraiser. I’ll be chilling with other traditionally published authors like Cara Black and Hector Tobar. I definitely will need to get my suit out of the closet for this one.

Whew, I guess it’s good to be busy:)  

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