Thursday, January 12, 2012

Great Advice from Fellow Writers…Write More!

Last week when I put up a post for Insecure Writer’s Day I mentioned how I’m waiting to hear back from agents who have partials or full versions of my manuscript. Needless to say, it can be a bit of a debilitating process and a forced lesson in patience. But fortunately my fellow bloggers/writers came to the rescue with a simple and wise suggestion…write something else for a while!

Indeed, I have taken the advice to heart by working on completing one short-story a week, which is progressing nicely. In addition, I’ve even begun another historical novel on a time period favorite of mine, the age of buccaneers and piracy. Oddly enough, the more I write these days the more I seem to be able to write and I’m particularly enjoying not only having the muse speak to me, but all this writing also really helps take my mind off the manuscript I’m currently circulating with agents.

So a big thanks to all you awesome bloggers/writers for your heartfelt suggestions, they really work! It also really helps that some intrepid authors have volunteered to swap stories with me, providing each other invaluable feedback. So, how do you typically get your mind off the business aspect of the publishing business and focus back on the writing that matters the most to you?