Thursday, January 5, 2012

Insecure Writer’s Day

Do you have any queries from your latest book circulating with agents? Ever have to wait a couple months to hear back from an interested agent? Anybody still waiting?

I’m still waiting on three agents who have partials or full manuscripts of my historical novel The Long Defeat (learn more about my book here). A fourth agent with a partial replied back with a kind, personalized rejection letter, and even though I respect their decision, it doesn’t make the process any more enjoyable. I’ve pinged the other agents still reviewing my manuscript who have replied that they need more time to review my work.

Do the seemingly endless rounds of queries make anybody else sigh? Do the hours feel like years and the days like decades when you’re waiting to hear back from an agent? How do you keep optimistic despite the odds?


  1. Hang in there! Just keep waiting until you find your perfect fit! :)

    (just a note: I deleted my blog, but I still like yours!)

  2. It's the most frustrating process. But if you're getting requests and personal feedback then keep at it. Someone is bound to snag you up as a client. :)

    And write something else starting now!!

  3. Patience is a virtue, but one no one wants. Lol Good luck and keep your chin up.

  4. You know, I read somewhere a little quote: It isn't personal rejection, your story just isn't what they can use right now.
    Change that around a bit and think, Somewhere out there, there is someone waiting for your story and you will find them. Yeah, the waiting sucks, but it's what makes it all worth it in the end. Good luck!

  5. I have a few queryies out there. I keep sane by continuing to write. If this one doesn't pan out, the next one will :) (At least that's what I tell myself...)

  6. I'm in the same boat~ I've got four fulls out that've been hanging for of luck!

  7. It does seem to take forever! Now's the time to focus on something else for a while.

  8. That's the horror part of this process. I'm hoping to start querying in February, but I'm proceeding with the possibility of self-publishing (I'm too old to wait very long), while I gather some rejections.

    Gotta pay my dues, you know. =D

  9. No, I don't have any queries out. I hear that it's a nightmare.

    I do have lots of short stories and poems out on sub. And sometimes these can go over a year. In fact I've got one that's coming up for 3 years (and they haven't lost it, that's their response time).

    The best thing to do, is to get working on the next one (sound familiar? it's not very original advice).

    But it does work. I barely worry about an individual story, because I've got so much out. More difficult with novels, but the principle may apply.

    And good luck.

  10. Two words: HECK and YES

    I totally, totally get it Mark. Hang in there. The wait will (eventually) be worth it!

  11. I'm in the same boat you are. Waiting is tough. Writerly debilitating, even. However, the interest your story has had is leaps more than mine's received so far. That's something to be happy about. You can do it! :)

  12. If it makes you feel better you are not alone. Every author seeking publication by traditional methods goes through this. Hang in there, we are all cheering for you.

  13. Yes, I've had my novel out for almost a year now, I'm especially annoyed that so many big houses that take unagented manuscripts insist on no simultaneous submissions - then they want to hold your query for 6 months. The query? C'mon, how long does it take to read someone's query and know whether or not you will want to see the full. It's ridiculous.

  14. I just figure that if it's going to happen, it will. It probably won't happen as speedily as I wish, but I have to hope that will make the success that much more amazing. It's out of my hands, so worrying about it really isn't going to help. I've written terrible queries and had requests. I honestly don't believe there's one magical query that will make agents and editors flock to me.

  15. I'm not there yet, but I think you work on another story, you take amazing photos and go for a long hike. Distractions and living make us better writers~

  16. I'm not at this stage yet, but I know all the right things to say. Write something else, agents take time, no news is good news ... etc etc etc.

    None of it really helps though, does it? :-)

  17. Mark, I think we are in the same boat. When I started querying three months back, I would constantly check my email to see if any agent has requested a partial or a full. Three months down the line I have embraced patience.

    Hang in there. We are praying for you :)

  18. Hey Mark! Thanks again for participating in the IWSG. I didn't see your name on the master list? Did I miss it?

  19. Hmm, strange. I was one of the first 50 to sign up and I recall seeing my name there on previous posts, but you're right I'm not currently listed on this one:)

  20. J.A. – Oh, no, what happened to your blog? Is there as new one? I really like reading it:)

    L.G. – Thanks for the encouragement and the good advice:)

    Miranda – Sometimes I think my primary purpose in life is to learn patience;)

    Caledonia – Sounds good, now just to find that someone somewhere looking for my specific brand of something:)

    Kelley – Not a bad idea. Best to always return to writing.

    Jess – Gosh, I totally feel for you:)

    Alex – Very good advice!

    Donna – If you go the self-publishing route, let me know how that works for you.

    Deborah – Well, it sounds like you’re getting your short-stories out there. Good luck!

    Ali – Thanks for the sympathy:)

    David – You always have a bright side good sir, thank you:)\

    Ciara – Thanks for rooting for me!

    Rusty – Wow, that is difficult. I haven’t tried that particular approach, but would be interested to hear more about how it works for you.

    McKenzie – Fate indeed:)

    Ella – Working on another story sounds like a good idea, thanks!

    Sarah – Well, it helps hearing it from you and other fellow authors:)

    Rachna – Thanks for your prayers:) I enjoyed reading your stories by the way!

  21. I'm not querying, so I can't say I've been through the process--but I agree with the other commenters. Working on something else might help take your mind off of it, at least in part.

    Good luck with your queries!